20 May 2008


Ok, so its cold, its wet...you guessed it...its Cape Town!!

I arrived in Cape town today with my Mum, Dad and Sister. They all came to visit me arriving in PE airport on the 12May. I drove to meet them in Fabio my beautiful camp blue fiesta. Dad was a bit emotional when we all met up, but quickly recovered his composure once he moved on to his next challenge of finding the car hire kiosk.

We all went to Addo Elephant park and stayed in a traditional mud built cottage. It was beautiful and the food there was fabulous (the place was called Chrislin Lodge, I recommend it!!) On out first night we went on a night drive. the guide wasn't brilliant but we saw a huge Caracal, a genet, black rhino, buffalo, ellies, jackels and lots of other exciting animals!! The next day we drove out on our own and saw loads of other animals, mostly bok, and as with my trip with Eleanor and James, hundreds of warthhogs!!

My family came to Tsitsikamma to explore for a couple of days while I worked then we went down to Mossel Bay. Here we stayed at an absolutely beautiful house in the Fynbos, with our own private beach, surrounded by zebra and springbok. Sam was terrified and did not sleep the whole three nights we were there as there were 5 massive rain spiders in the house when we first got there!! At mossel Dad did a cage dive with Great Whites (although at R1150 I could not afford to go) while the rest of us hung out on the beach. Next we spent just one night at a vineyard in Bot River. Here we stayed in an old farm house guarded all night by the ancient wolf/husky cross called Axel that adopted our family.

Today we travelled the short distance from sunny bot river to rainy Cape Town. We went to Boulders beach to see the penguins, but the rain drove us to out ground floor flat in Camps Bay after only a few hours. That is where I am now, taking the chance while there is a decent internet connection to write a post!! Hopefully the rain will stop tomorrow so we can do some hardcore sightseeing!!

Love to you all and I hope you are well