15 October 2008

Nan and Grandad's visit

My Nan and Granddad came to visit me this month.
I met them for a meal with Mel at Wilderness when they come through on their SAGA tour which took them to CTN, then they flew back up to Port Elizabeth, where I picked them up. They spent a few days here at Tsitsikamma, they went to the Elephant sanctuary but mostly just relaxed and recovered from their whirl-wind tour with SAGA.

We headed up to Colchester for a few days, and stayed in a place called the Happy Jackal. The rooms were lovely and so was the food, but the woman who owned it was one of those annoying ex-teacher types, who could only be taken in small doses!!
Anyways I spent most of my time revising for my FGASA exam, while Nan and grandad saw the sights. We went to Scotia game park. An awesome little game reserve where we saw a big male lion (who showed off with some roaring that was so loud you could feel it through your feet!), giraffe, white rhino and lots of Bokkies. Our guide Bertha was very good, and at the end of the drive they put on a traditional South African meal with spring bok, gen squash and mellies with Malva pudding for desert.

On the Saturday morning I has my FGASA exam at Shamwari game reserve. It went really well, so I think I passed. After that we headed to Woody Cape and took a walk around the mouth of the Sunday's river, which is stunning, and I spent few tranquil minutes sunbathing on the sand dunes.

We went for lunch at a near-by pub (called Grunters) then headed back for a lazy afternoon at the guest house drinking bubbly by the river.

Our last meal was spent at the restaurant/guest house next door. Nan and Granddad had ostrich steak, I had a divine smoked chicken salad. We headed to bed early as Nan and Granddad had a flight to catch early Sunday morning.

Sorry I don't have any pics as I let Granddad do the snapping! (Nan/Granddad, please can you send me the ones of us in small format, then I shall put them up!)