23 July 2008

yet more piccies

Okay, so I've been getting used to all the whale sightings and tail flukes, but this sighting of a humpback breaching outside the office today was pretty awesome!! although my piccies are a bit naff (I didn't manage to get any fully out of the water) you get the general idea!!

The last piccie is 4 starlings sitting on a wind sock ouside my house!

Remember you can click on the images to enlarge!

21 July 2008

some piccies as promised!!

There is a southern right whale and and two dolphins (most likely bottlenosed).

A SR whale spy-hopping (when they stick out their head and look around)


A SR whale rolling on its back

I took all the whale photos while I was on my way home from work

The grey mongoose was hanging with Fabio at the weekend!!

20 July 2008

Whale Season

There are literally hundreds of whales here!! Its very exciting!
The humpbacks and southern right whales come to our coast line to calf, which means we have been having incredible sightings every day for the last month or so.

I have taken some pics but they are on my other computer so I will load them up when i get a chance.

Sam, Sarah and Alex came to visit me at the beginning of the month. We all had a fabulous time, despite the food poisoning!!
Also Paddy one of the other GVIs came to visit. We went to the billabong pro surf competition at J'Bay.

I helped host a Scientists Symposium at the park, where Scientists who work at the park came and presented their projects. It went really well and I learnt lots!!

Anyways here are some piccies of the above mentioned, as well as mousy (for his adoring fans!)

Love u

Lau xx