27 August 2008


Mel and me "Crumping"

Mel and Jimmy dancing

Mel and Jimmy looking hot!

Sexy Mel

The Pose!

Friday 22nd August

After work I picked up Jimmy from Bloukrans and we headed to Wilderness via Pick n Pay. Susie was staying at the Park with her friends. We went to Bongos (a bar that serves amazing pizzas) for dinner, where we met Quintin, Mel and Lloyd the barman.

After dinner we went to Susie’s to have a Lekker Jol, and met up with a horrifically drunk Kevin (a colleague from head office). Mel and I arrived separately and by the time we got to the house Pauline and Sarah were already in bed. We stayed up an entertained Kev, until he went to his cottage. Mel went home, I slept on the sofa bed-not a good move, and it was very cold and very uncomfortable,

Saturday 23rd August

Saturday morning Susie, Jermaine, Sarah, Pauline and I went for a Mooch around Sedgefield Market. I bought a hakkie sack and some delicious cake!

After we were all supposed to go Canoeing, but I was feeling lazy so was going to sit in the sun and read my book. In the end I went to Mel’s house (which we managed to lock ourselves out of so had to get the neighbors ladder and break in through the window and watched DVDs. After we drove into George and had a hilarious afternoon drinking beer and playing pool. We drove back to wilderness to braai at about 7pm. All the girls were huddled around the fireplace and not looking like they were up for much. It had rained while they were canoeing so were feeling sorry for themselves. The would we bought from Pick and Pay was awful, so it took forever to make a fire. Jimmy, Mel and I gave up, went to the Caltex to buy some pies, then drove to George and went clubbing.

Everyone at the club was seduced by “the Power of Mel”; even a random lesbian told her that she “would do anything just for one kiss”. Jimmy had his work cut out pretending to be both of our boyfriends as we had a lot of attention being a white girl and a pretty coloured girl. At 3am I thought it would be a good idea to go home, as I had a meeting at 9:30am.

I dropped Jimmy at Susie’s cottage then stayed at Mel’s. She has an electric blanket. It was amazing. I want one.

Sunday 24th August

After the meeting that lasted til 1pm, Jimmy and I went to Mel’s to Braai the meat that we hadn’t eaten the previous evening. The braai wood from PnP was terrible so after 3hours of trying to get it to make decent coals, we cooked the food in the oven. We all lay in bed chatting for the rest of the afternoon. Jimmy and I kept trying to leave, but the electric blanket and “the power of Mel” meant that we didn’t leave until 9pm.

I dropped Jimmy home at 11pm, we saw a huge family of bush pigs, which I was very excited about!

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