20 January 2009

Eloise’s 1980’s Trashy Drag Party

Once again we headed to Arniston on a Friday after work. This time we headed out confidently in Adrian’s new car, Francesca the Alfa 156 2l twin spark. Adrian let me drive the first stint. We stopped at Albertinia for a drink at Doppies Drankwinkle for old times sake!
By the time we got to Bredasdorp it was dark, even though Adrian and myself had been stretching Francesca’s legs. We were heading trough the town when suddenly Adi swerved to avoid something in the road. I looked at the shape in the road as we went past and said to Adi “I swear I saw that move” Adi agreed, and neither of us were sure what it was, so we turned back in case it was a person… Luckily it wasn’t a person it was a dog. Adi and Jimmy dragged the dog out of the road, as it couldn’t walk. It had peed, pooed and bled everywhere, although it only seemed to be bleeding from the mouth, and it was conscious. We stood around trying to decide what we should do. Mel opened the car door to sit down while we deliberated. As soon as the door opened the dog was on his feet, dragging himself to the safety of Adi’s brand new shiny car. I managed to grab the dog just in time to stop him diving inside, instead the dog hid under the car…not very helpful.

Now we were in even more of a quandary, we couldn’t leave because we would run the dog over again, but we didn’t have any phone numbers of vets to contact to come and get it. We decided to wait it out, surely the dog would come out eventually! Fortunately a nosey local came to see why we were stopped on the side of the road. They had the number of the local vets so called them to come and help us. Just as the local got out her phone, another car pulled over to ask if we had seen a missing dog. The family had realised the dog was out and gone searching for it. As soon as the dog saw its owners it dragged itself out from under Adi’s car. The family had some tarpaulin in their boot, so they wrapped up the dog and took him home.

After our mini adventure we arrived at Arniston quite late. Eloise, Coswell, Warren and Todd were already drinking and Braaing, but Cos got us quickly up to speed with some deadly cocktails!!!

Next day Mel and I went to Bredasdorp to get some prezzies and a cake for Eloise. When we got back we all hit the beach. Cos taught me how to body surf and Mel even got in for a dip…her bikini top was however a bit flimsy for the rough breakers, and I was flashed frequently!

Once back from the beach, the drinking re-commenced, as did a twister competition. I was fairly rubbish. Eloise and Mel got themselves into some interesting positions!

Soon after we started getting dolled up for the evening’s festivities. Mel was in charge of the trashy 80’s make-up, and I straightened Jimmy’s hair. All of the boys made very ugly girls, especially Todd. The most attractive girl was Adrian (or should I say “Deloris”) who had even gone to the effort of getting his ears pierced. I wish I could confidently write some stories about the evening, but I can’t really remember much. We had the police over telling us to calm it down slightly…they got the shock of their life wandering into the court yard filled with very ugly transvestites!!
I only snatched about an hour of sleep before heading to Bredasdorp with Mel, Adi and Gerrard so Mel could get some smokes. We went straight to the beach and all lay half comatose on the wet sand. From behind us we heard beautiful gospel singing, in Xhosa. A large group of people dressed in white robes, chanting walked past us down the beach. They were baptising people in the sea. We watched and dosed for a while, then went to the hotel for some coffee.

That afternoon we drove home. Mel and I sat in the back in a hysterical exhaustion most of the way, until finally we both passed out!

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