19 January 2008


Things are all going well here in SA. Been getting up at 5.30 to go on drive, having lectures in the day, going on drive in the evening and by the time we have finished our food and had a shower it is about 10.30pm so not getting much sleep!!

Got up at 4am this morning to go for a walk in the park, walked with a big bull ellie, was very cool!
So far we have seen the big five, plus some very cute hyeana cubs!!

Last night for dinner we ate local food, melipop, mupami worms, and some spinichy stuff along with a t-bone steak the size of my head, all of which we had to eat with our hands! (the mupami worms tasted like wood)

I'll write some more to let you know all about it soon!!

Lots of Love


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