21 February 2008

Tsitsikamma and the Garden Route

Hey guys,

Sorry its taken so long for me to write something, my work computer is painfully slow and it takes forever to load this site!!

Tsitsikamma is beautiful, there are lots of hiking trails which are keeping me busy!!
I live in a house just up the hill from work. Its pretty quiet in the evenings here so I am desperate to buy a car!

I have done some very exciting things. I went to monkey land and a wild cat sanctuary where i stroked a cheetah! At the moment I am in Knysna for a meeting. Yesterday we made a tour of Knysna and wilderness's cultural heritage sites. I was driving one of the vehicles (the toyota venture) around the park along terrifing 4x4 routes that hadn't been used for years so had trees across them and had been washed away to sheer drops by the rain. It was awesome fun!!

I hope you are all well and I will hopefully be able to blog again soon!

Lots of love xx

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